Moosehead Awards

Cindy Salmon – EMPOWERFUL

2018 Moosehead Recipient

Cindy Salmon gains ten extra years of life whenever a woman deletes the words ‘sorry’ and ‘just’ out of an email draft. She’s a high-kicking, glass-smashing motivational speaker with an unquenchable thirst to empower everything in her path. Now, Cindy Salmon is back with EMPOWERFUL – a show for those who need an extra dose of empowerment in their life. The Empowerful Salmonar is Cindy Salmon’s last chance to inspire women everywhere, as well as the last chance to sell all her stuff.

Cindy Salmon is bold, hilarious, terrifying, and only moderately flexible. As seen on Foxtel’s comedy series The Slot.

‘A fantastic character. She manages to embrace and subvert many of the contradictions in contemporary feminism.’ The Age

Written and performed by Hayley Tantau
Directed by Declan Fay and Tessa Waters