Moosehead Awards

Golden Gibbo

Congratulations to the 2023 Golden Gibbo Winner:
Gillian Cosgriff – Actually, Good

2023 Golden Gibbo Nominees:
Andy Balloch – Am I The Drama?
Liam Sparrow-Gange – The Magical Tram of Thought
Con Coutis – Con vs Con vs Con
Woah, Alyssa! – 5


Lynda Gibson died on January 2, 2004 after a long battle with cancer. Lynda (aka Gibbo/Gib) had for many years been an integral part of the Melbourne Comedy scene, having performed in and around every Melbourne Comedy Festival since 1987. Lynda was a stand-up comedian who never stood still and whose left wing politics and keen sense of social justice were never hidden. Her physicality was a measure of her commitment and as a performer she threw herself (literally) at her work.

The Golden Gibbo award is $3,500 cash plus the Golden Gibbo statue which looks suspiciously like a bottle of shitty red wine. The award is also funded every year by the funds raised by the Moosehead Benefit. Lynda’s contribution and spirit is acknowledged every year by the Melbourne comedy community through the Golden Gibbo.

Previous Winners include:

2023 Gillian Cosgriff – Actually, Good
2022 Alex Hines – To Schapelle and Back
2021 Nat Harris and Hannah Camilleri – Pet-Nat + Han ah Chocolat
2019 Neal Portenza and Joshua Ladgrove – Neal Portenza is Joshua Ladgrove
2018 Cam Venn – Charles Horse Lays An Egg
2017 A Visit With Nan In A Caravan
2016 Zoë Coombs Marr – Trigger Warning
2015 Laura Davis – Ghost Machine
2014 Fancy Boy
2013 Simon Keck – Nob Happy Sock
2012 Lessons with Luis – Kidney Kingdom
2011 Geraldine Quinn – You’re The Voice (Songs for the Ordinary by an Anthemaniac)
2010 Sam Simmons and David Quirk – The Incident
2009 The List Operators
2008 The Suitcase Royale – Ghosts of Ricketts Hill — A Rock ‘n’ Roll Comedy Adventure
2007 Charlie Garber, Nick Coyle and Claudia O’Doherty – The Glass Boat
2006 Greg Bird – Cliffy is Relaxed and Comfortable
2005 The Drowsy Drivers – Keating! The Musical
2004 (tie) Eddie Perfect – Angry Eddie / Jo & Jeremy Randerson – Carry on Randerson