Moosehead Awards


The Brian McCarthy Memorial is an incorporated association. The Management Committee controls the operation of the association and the grant. The Management Committee is responsible for all issues of policy, finances and fundraising activities.

Fun fact: Brian McCarthy was the uncle of Kevin Whyte, who runs comedy management and production company Token. However, it is important to know that the Moosehead is not run by Token. The Moosehead is administered by a committee comprising Russell Fletcher (performer/friend of Brian’s), Declan Fay (writer/performer), Gerard McCulloch (writer/performer), Claire Hammond (Associate Director – Melbourne Comedy Festival), Geraldine Hickey (performer), Justin Hamilton (performer) and Jorge Menidis (Century), with Kevin and long-time Token employee Kathleen “He’s my uncle too” McCarthy representing Brian’s family.

Moosehead Committee:

Russell Fletcher – Performer
Kevin Whyte – McCarthy Family Representative
Justin Hamilton – Performer
Geraldine Hickey – Performer
Kathleen McCarthy – Producer
Gerard McCulloch – Performer/Writer
Declan Fay – Writer
Claire Hammond – Associate Festival Director
Jorge Menidis – Festival Director

For more information about the Moosehead Awards contact us at:
Email: [email protected]
Postal Address: PO Box 108, Fitzroy, Victoria.