Moosehead Awards

Moosehead Retrospective

Welcome to The Moosehead Retrospective, a year-by-year review of where it all started and where it is today. We have a keen eye for picking the stars of tomorrow as you will see, take a look through the years and you’ll be surprised just who has received a Moosehead in the past.

This is a growing page with more information to add and we would love to hear from you. If you have images and stories of previous Moosehead shows, get in contact with us here.

Prue Blake
Prue Blake is a strong, confident, underachiever by choice… or she was before she became the 2020/21 RAW Comedy Winner! An easy-going comic, her style is observational, intelligent and most importantly cheeky, but not too cheeky to show your mum. Prue has been described as both “dashing” and a “disillusioned feminist” by The Age.

Emma Holland
Save The Orangutans
Emma wears many hats, she is a comedian, photographer, collage artist, and writer. Her upcoming show will marry her talent as a visual artist with on stage performance to explore her experience as growing up as a third culture kid. She writes for Network 10’s The Cheap Seats and Have You Been Paying Attention, and also appears on both shows regularly as a guest.

Joshua Ladgrove

Crowd favourite Josh Ladgrove has been performing comedy across Melbourne, Sydney and Edinburgh for more than 10 years. He’s tackled all the big themes, from Jesus Christ to bilge pumps, and taken home multiple awards along the way.

Lou Wall
Lou Wall VS The Internet

Lou Wall is a multi-award winning comedian, composer and theatre-maker. They create genre-bending, politically savvy comedy for stage and screen that centres queerness and its relationship to mental health.

Mandy Nolan
The Candidate

Mandy Nolan is a true renaissance woman: a comedian, author, journalist, speaker, activist, humour therapist and comedy instructor. She ran for The Greens in this year’s federal election and came bloody close. For more than three decades, Mandy has shared her stories and captivated audiences through her writing and performing.

Suren Jayemanne
The Bag of Vegeta
Suren Jayemanne is a comedian, writer, actor, budding home cook and former tax accountant. He has been performing stand-up for more than ten years, has appeared on shows like Celebrity Letters & Numbers, Australia Debates, Comedy Up Late and Tonightly, is currently a writer on Question Everything, and, if you look hard enough, can be seen somewhere in the background during Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder!

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and Andy Matthews
“My” “client” “is” “innocent”
Andy and Alasdair have more than a decade of experience performing, both individually and as a duo.  In 2022 the pair debuted “My” “client” “is” “innocent”, a show that sees Andy and Alasdair as lawyers and the audience as the jury.

Annie Louey
Annie Louey is Flirting with Death
A favourite on the stage, screen and airwaves, Annie Louey received a 2022 Moosehead Award for her show Annie Louey is Flirting with Death; a dark comedy inspired by her experiences of working at a funeral home in 2020.

Scout Boxall
Buck Wild: Baby Dynamite
Scout’s first solo show Good Egg won Best Emerging Artist and was nominated for Best Comedy at 2019’s Melbourne Fringe. In 2022 Scout debuted their show Buck Wild: Baby Dynamite, an absurd, immersive, theatrical hour of original songs, stand up and sketches.

Danielle Walker
After winning Best Newcomer in 2018 and returning with a new show in 2019, Danielle returned to the festival circuit with a new show three years in the making, Nostalgia,  that takes the audience into her childhood to see the world with the same magic she does. Nostalgia was nominated for the Most Outstanding Show award in 2022.

Ben Russell and Maggie Looke
Ultimate Hollywood Tours
In 2022, Ben and Maggie debuted not only a tour but the Ultimate Hollywood Tours. A night of nights to see the stars of stars. The show takes a small audience through the hot streets of LA (Melbourne CBD) to meet the residents of tinsel town.

Gabbi Bolt
I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break
Gabbi is a musical comedian and satirist whose work has featured on A Rational Fear and The Chaser. She debuted her show I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break in 2022, featuring songs discussing everything from feminism to regional towns that have too many pubs in them.

Greg Larsen
This Might Not Be Hell

Following the success of Greg’s 2019 Festival show Useful Idiot he has written a one man play, set in an apartment and will tell the story of an unemployed man trying to sort out his Centrelink application.

Kit Richards
Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?

From the woman that brought you Wool – A History of Australia’s Wool Industry – The Musical comes Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?

Michelle Brasier
Average Bear

In 2020 one half of Double Denim and that girl from Aunty Donna, Michelle Brasier, is standing on her own two feet and telling the story of the Average Bear.

Greg Larsen
This Might Not Be Hell

Following the success of Greg’s 2019 Festival show Useful Idiot he has written a one man play, set in an apartment and will tell the story of an unemployed man trying to sort out his Centrelink application.

Kit Richards
Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?

From the woman that brought you Wool – A History of Australia’s Wool Industry – The Musical comes Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?

Oliver Coleman
The Prawning

After being nominated for Best Newcomer Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019 Oliver is following up his hit show Poolside with… The Prawning.

Michelle Brasier
Average Bear

In 2020 one half of Double Denim and that girl from Aunty Donna, Michelle Brasier, is standing on her own two feet and telling the story of the Average Bear.

Tanya Losanno
The Good, The Bad and The Elderly 

Tanya has lived her adult life like a cowboy and done whatever she wants, answering to no one. But now she has returned to where she grew up looking down the barrel of the role of carer for her parents only to realise this is the wildest ride she has ever been on.

This is what happens when a middle-aged cowboy tries to care for two old cowboys and realises that the greatest weapon in the fight for independence is belligerence!

Stuart Daulman
Death of a Daulman 

Dedicated son, cherished brother. Please join us as we pay tribute to the life of Stuart Daulman. Stuart will be remembered for his positive nature, impetuous sense of humour and TV performances on Hamish & Andy’s True Story, Edge of the Bush and Fancy Boy. Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.

Cindy Salmon

Cindy Salmon gains ten extra years of life whenever a woman deletes the words “sorry” and “just” out of an email draft. She’s a high-kicking, glass-smashing motivational speaker with an unquenchable thirst to empower everything in her path. Now, Cindy Salmon is back with Empowerful – a show for those who need an extra dose of empowerment in their life.

Michael Williams
Escape from a ’90s Educational CD-ROM!

Hello Learning 1994: Aussie Edition was a state-of-the-art educational CD-ROM. The features included 30,000+ articles, hundreds of full colour photographs, MIDI files of every national anthem and, bafflingly, the ability to suck in a person and keep them prisoner. Michael Williams has been trapped in there for the past 23 years. Today, he’s busting out.

Fringe Wives Club
Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Comedy Cabaret

Three comedy she-wolves unite for Glittery Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Comedy Cabaret. This is #GLAMTAVISM for a world in dire need: gloriously inclusive, unashamedly risqué and utterly joyous. Staring Tessa Waters (Best Comedy AdlFringe ’15 WOMANz), Rowena Hutson (Most Outstanding Comedy MFringe ’16, Strong Female Character) and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard (London Cabaret Awards ’15 East End Cabaret).


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… until now! After their sell-out season of Who’s Afraid Of The Dark? at The Old Melbourne Goal, Watson are back with a whole new hour of horror-comedy in their brand new show – GO TO HELL! With big laughs and even bigger scares, Watson are put to the test as they plunge into a terrifying world with no light, no escape and no wifi. Except this time, they forgot to come up with a safety word…

Tom Ballard
Boundless Plains To Share

The little-known second verse of the Australian national anthem claims that we have ‘boundless plains to share’, but boat arrivals, Christmas Island, Nauru, mandatory detention and abject human misery have made a liar of the tune, and comedian Tom Ballard (2016 Helpmann Award Winner for Best Comedy Performer, shortlisted for the 2016 Annual Edinburgh Comedy Award) has some things to say about it. Funny, furious and close-to-the-bone, you’ve not experienced advancing Australia fair quite like this before.

Laura Davis
Marco? Polo!

An above ground pool-party with an underground favourite. Performed blindfolded. Hilarious, provoking and joyful, Davis blurs the lines of intimacy, comedy and live art. Winner of a slew of awards including Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe, Laura Davis is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Kate Dehnert

A comedy show with an asteroid hit. It’s the big, electric Shabamalam. Kate Dehnert’s high-energy and wildly original performances have earned her rave reviews, sold-out shows and comparisons to The Mighty Boosh.

David Quirk

A life in a skate shop. Performed in the actual bloody shop (please don’t steal anything).

I’ve worked in the shop for the bulk of my adult life. I can now tell a person’s shoe size by looking. It’s a skateboard shop, at least, and I love skateboarding. There’s that. I’m the best and worst employee they’ve seen. I’ve never cashed up and somehow I’ve never been fired.

Performed in the actual shop and set in 2008, it’s a show about things I do by day, for love, by night and with and for idiots. I’ll show you my side of the story and both sides of the counter.

Do you need any help with anything?

Guinea Pigs

Sarah and Nick know everything about science. Not literally obviously. That would involve serious academic study and, let’s face it, that sounds really tedious. But they have listened to a lot of episodes of ‘RadioLab’. Their scientific know-how is about to be put to the test as they endure a litany of half-baked psychological experiments designed to explore the darker side of their psyches. Locked in a room and forced to perform a bizarre series of tests by an unseen captor, they have just one chance to escape. Will they snap under the pressure? Probably.

Guinea Pigs is a lo-fi sci-fi tale of psychology, revenge and marshmallows.

Rama Nicholas
After Ever After

After Ever After, is a wickedly hilarious action adventure ride into the wild world of Grimm. Nicholas’ talent for comedic storytelling and character comedy sees her switch seamlessly between 20 characters, bringing to light the untold adult version of what really happened to Red Riding Hood, Mr Wolf and Snow White.

Twenty years after eating Grandma, Big Bad Wolf is out of The Pound and ready to party. Red’s back in the Hood and hell bent on revenge with her wicked kung fu skills. Snow White, a middle-aged alcoholic realises she’s no longer the fairest of them all… will they ever find their happy ending?

One things for sure, this ain’t no bedtime story.

Geraldine Quinn

‘MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt’
The novelist Jane Austen never married, but had 23 nieces and nephews. She wrote some of the greatest novels in the English language. Geraldine Quinn (Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills Tonight) has 19 nieces and nephews. She draws cock’n’balls, writes songs about Bowie – and has wiped many bottoms.

‘MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt’ is the latest original production from Melbourne International Comedy Festival Golden Gibbo Award winner Geraldine Quinn (Best Local Independent Production). Do you have to have kids? What’s wrong with being an aunt or uncle? Most importantly: will any of her nieces and nephews buy a ticket? She doesn’t have any good stuff to leave them in her will yet.
Don’t miss this glittering celebration of modern aunthood, not breeding and the fine art of embarrassing other people’s children.

Kate McLennan & Wes Snelling
Standard Double

What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a hotel room? Kate steals the shower caps; Wes checks that the toilet paper has been folded into a triangle – then they both raid the mini bar.

Festival favourites Kate McLennan and Wes Snelling come together for this unique comedy collaboration. An experience like no other, Standard Double is a show performed in an actual hotel room at The Blackman Hotel about people misbehaving when they’re away from home.

Directed by Mark Watson, who flew to Australia specifically to be involved with this exciting site-specific show!

Lessons with Luis

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for Luis and his family after taking out the national 2012 Raw Comedy title, winning the Golden Gibbo for best independent show 2012 and being awarded the coveted 2013 Moosehead Award. They are back with their signature jokes, learning lessons, songs and obsession with cats.

After winning numerous awards, being recognised on the street and adored by fans around Australia, Luis, with his dad Len and little brother Luelin are casting for their new interactive comedy festival show, Famoucity! A live action, adventure, romance, comedy, drama, science fiction, western, spy thriller, stage-play, semi-movie about their rise to stardom!

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn any lines, you leave that to my dad Len, my little brother Luelin and me” says Luis. “We are just looking for everyday fresh nobodies that want to be part of our show audience. Everyone is welcome. Friends, families and even dog people!”

Joel Tito
The Trial and Death of Socrates

The Trial and Death of Socrates (No Relation) is a clown-based storytelling show that focuses on its silent central character – Socrates (no relation) – and his struggle against a disembodied yet distinctive voice who proclaims that by the end of the show, Socrates will be dead. “I’m going to kill him”, the voice tells us.

What follows is a story of plagiarised manuscripts, nonsensical meditative practices, absurd auctions, impossible love and an ever-present darkness bubbling beneath the surface. Bookended by a special guest performance from Japan’s most prolific operatic enka singer, this is a show that is as crazy as it is thoughtful.

Jason Marion & Alison Bice
Former Child Star

Alison Bice and Jason Marion’s warped minds have joined forces to bring you a comedy festival show for the dark at heart.

Connie Cruise is a former child star known for her role as Binky on the successful 90’s sitcom, ‘Bob and Binky,’ performing alongside acclaimed actor, Bruce McKenzie. Bruce is currently in prison on sexual harassment charges filed by Connie, while Connie is now desperately trying to make a comeback with her new autobiography.

The scene is set at Connie’s book launch, which might otherwise be going well if it wasn’t for her sleazy, incompetent agent; an uncooperative and creepy bookstore owner; and a nervous, obsessive fan.

This is Siberian Husky

Boneshaker – A 19th century bicycle characterised by its stiff, iron-wrought frame and wooden wheels providing for a madly jagged ride.

Boneshaker – A 21st century sketch comedy show of the same name and effect.

This Is Siberian Husky are here to drag you by your fancy pocket watches in the latest sketch comedy adventure exorcised from the playfully twisted minds of comic duo, Dan Allemann and Simon Godfrey.

Sammy J, Asher Treleaven, Celia Pacquola, Andrew McLelland & Adam McKenzie
Tie Her to the Tracks

A quiet country town in 1917 is about to see its first movie. It’s in black and white, it’s silent, it’s performed live on stage and you’re invited.

Therefore: Ladies and Gents! Come and marvel at the wonder of the modern age, a moving picture performance of Tie Her to the Tracks!

Thrill! To the dastardry of Asher Treleaven as the moustache-twirling (possibly German) villain.

Sigh! To the beauty and dash of Celia Pacquola as the damsel in a dress, in distress.
Become agog! At the feats and pratfalls of Andrew McClelland as the heroic tramp who loved her and Lol! To Adam Mckenzie as humorous incidental characters.

With live music written and performed by the virtuoso Mr Sammy J!

Geraldine Quinn
You’re The Voice

  1. You’re the Voice. John Farnham becomes a hero with his anthem for the masses. Truly great rock songs lift ordinary events to the status of the majestic. If only for three minutes.
  2. 25 years after Whispering Jack, one anthemaniac vows to write the rock for today’s glorious ordinary.

Self-confessed cock-rock junkie Geraldine Quinn is honouring Australia’s Tommys on the dock and Geenas in the diner. Or Tommy in a Dandenong servo and Geena at the Coles deli. This spectacular show combines a huge voice, daring costumes, and Quinn’s award-winning brand of original musical comedy. A rockin’, rollin’, fist-in-the-air, high-note-squealin’ shout to urban growth boundary middle-of-the-roaders. You’re the voice. Try and understand it. Woah. Repeat.

Mob of 3 – Mark Trenwith, Caleb Lewis & Scott John
Ghost Sharks

If Steven Spielberg went for a late night skinny-dip with Alfred Hitchcock and the drummer from Def Leppard it might look something like this…

Something fishy is going on in Deepwater Scum…Lately there have been more attacks, more bodies washing up on the shore. But the locals aren’t talking. Enter Felix Sparrow, encyclopaedia salesman (A-K) come to this remote island town in search of his partner (L-Z). Soon Sparrow uncovers a sinister fish cult, human sacrifice and a terrifying bargain with an ancient evil. Even with help from the Lollipop Lady, talking fish and a rogue ichthyologist can Sparrow defeat Fish Satan and close the portal to FISH HELL?!

Join the Mob of 3 (Mark Trenwith, Cal Lewis and Scott John) as they combine sketch comedy, blacklight theatre, old-school video games and retro toys to tell an EPIC TALE OF MARITIME HORROR!!!! (on a shoestring)

Sam Simmons & David Quirk
The Incident

Have you ever been touched inappropriately in a shop?

Cult Festival heroes Sam Simmons and David Quirk have joined forces to create The Incident, an emotional roller-disco of the mind that breathes in and out like a dying carp. The hilarious rise and fall of a life-long relationship in one hour.

Stephen Sheehan
Stevl Shefen

Stevl Shefn doesn’t speak a word of English in this manic, deadpan, confronting, humane and hilarious character comedy. One punchline, two voices, multiple interpretations from two new original clowns. RAW Comedy Winner.

Adrian Calear
Code Grey

Adrian had it all. A bright future, an exceptional woman, great friends…then the wheels fell off. A hilarious romp through a life-threatening illness and mind-bending psychosis. Be inspired by the can do attitude and never say die, twice! When you have a less than 2% chance of survival how do you keep your sense of humour?

Asher Treleaven
Open Door

Geek aficionado and sometime carny, Asher Treleaven (Wild Duck and Book Club UK) returns with a new show about ornate nonsense and extravagant camp kook. A show that just may open the door to new unimagined worlds.

David Bloustien
The Social Contract

Think you’re funny? Reckon you could prove it in a court of law? Award-winning comedy writer Dave Bloustien had to do just that. A stand up of trial and errors, nightmare gigs and the things we do for cash.

Wes Snelling

A comedy and music adventure into the life of a caravan park. Wes grew up in a caravan park surrounded by a kaleidoscope of characters. With completely original music and his “wicked sense of comic timing” (The Age), Kiosk is guaranteed to be the best holiday you have ever had!

Lou Sanz
Who Is Priscilla Irving?

An almost entirely aural comedy experience. Written and conceived by Lou Sanz, this is the story of a women about whom we know very little. We invite you to the first ever retrospective of her trauma, by travelling through the crap from her life.

Sammy J & Heath McIvor
Forest of Dreams

Take the music of Disney, the drama of Lord of the Rings, and the emotion of Les Miserables…then blindfold them, beat them, regain their trust, beat them again, and you might end up with something resembling Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams. It’s a musical. For adults. With puppets.

Axis of Awesome
Comeback Spectacular

For 42 years The Axis of Awesome was the world’s greatest band. Like all great musical artists – The Beatles, Madonna, Chingy – they adapted their style for each new generation of music lovers. From the 60s to the 90s, from disco to emo, the Axis made their mark on musical history. The Axis of Awesome are Jordan Raskopoulos, Benny Davis and Lee Naimo.

Hannah Gadsby & Amelia Jane Hunter
Meat the Musical

Amelia Jane Hunter and Hannah Gadsby present Meat the Musical. Inseparable identical twins, Kaye and Berv, inherit the family butchery ‘Mountains of Meat’, a little shop of big horrors with carcasses in the cloest and a prize-winning sausage. Now some dodgy health and safety standards threaten to divide the twins forever. Do they have the guts to go all the way for blood?

Allsop & Henderson’s
The Jinglists

The Jinglists is the new show from the sublimely surreal duo that brought you A Porthole into the Minds of the Vanquished (2006 MICF Best Newcomer Nominees). Reclusive jingle-writers, Loman and Leigh, live and work in a strangely dysfunctional state of inter-dependency and have not left their apartment in years. Mad-scientists of the jingle world, crooning crippled emotions to catchy melodies. But both work and friendship are tested when Love walks in the door.

Justin Hamilton
Three Colours Hammo

Three different shows presented across the festival.   Show 1: Justin believes that Melbourne is the bestest city in world. What happened when he moved her and how he fell in love. Show 2: Have you ever laughed at inappropriate moments? Just has, constantly. But while laughter isn’t always the best medicine, it sure can help you cheat death. Show 3: Returning home to receive a letter from a time capsule, Justin comes face-to-face with this mum, a girl who was a clown and a long-lost friend.

Alison Bice
The Wizard of Bice

It’s the Wizard of Oz meets Silence of the Lambs! Join Alison Bice in a dark journey of self-discovery as she stumbles across all Dorothy’s friends in the land of Bice. The Wizard of Oz combines live performance and animation played by special guests comics. There’s no place like home…or this show.

Amelia Jane Hunter
Keith Flipp

Who is Keith Flipp? He’s Amelia Jane Hunter and, for the first 27 years, he’s been hidden away in a one-horse, three-church town. See the vanishing twin return to centre stage and make Amelia the altar for this irrepressible ego. After three days, fish and family stick! You’re heard about the Boy from Oz…now see the girl from Belkendowns Flat!

Richard McKenzie

Two comedians, one drummer and an actor. Not exactly the result Richard’s Dad was hoping for from his four sons. Especially considering the McKenzies have served in two World Wars, Vietnam and Korea. Join Richard as he explores his family’s history of men in the Armed Forces and find out whether you really have to serve to be of service.

Penny Tangey
Kathy Smith Goes to Math Camp

Fifteen-year old Kathy has packed her best pair of corduroy pants and her graphing calculator (TI-83). She’s ready for math camp. But is she ready to talk to boys? Learning about boys and complex numbers at the same time isn’t easy. Can Kathy solve the equations in terms of love…or are there just too many variables?

Damien Callinan

As a six-year-old Damian, dual Barry Award nominee, earnt 20c by dropping his pants in front of the baker and showing him his scars. He has never outgrown the habit. Join Damian in the infertility clinic as he pulls down his pants one more time to reveal his Spazznuts.

Gavin Baskerville
As Seen On TV

After growing up with TV, studying it at university and working behind the scenes, Gavin Baskerville reveals the truth behind the plywood sets of network television.

This is the ultimate TV reality show.

Learn how network decisions are made and why there’s never anything good on. From how ratings work to why the commercials seem so damn loud, Gavin explains it all with the help of his interactive offsider “Stevie the TV”.

Rebecca De Unamuno
Open To Suggestion

Rebecca has reached the pinnacle of international improvising excellence, but a solo impro show? Anyone who knows anything about impro knows you can’t do it by yourself. Rebecca’s show is the ultimate challenge. We reckon if anyone can do it, Rebecca can.

Tanya Losanno
Trophy Wife

Tanya Losanno is obsessed with collecting other people’s trophies. After all, why achieve when you can buy other people’s achievements? She has a special relationship with each and every one; she loves them like family. A celebration of failure.

Damien Clark
The Bandit

Damian Clark reveals the incredible true story of the night he was captured by a shotgun-wielding bandit and locked in a cupboard. Don’t miss one of Australia’s best young comedians in his biggest adventure yet.

Krisztian Bagin
The Beginning and the End of Fin Begin

Wearing little but silver Y-fronts, i-pod codpiece and agitated grin, Krisztian Bagin is a cyborg clown. Using newsreel vision and 1960s dream-pop to build a portable universe of space-age faith. The impression is of a disturbing retro-future: we are pessimists looking back at an optimist looking forwards.

Monica Dullard
Concert After Tea

A good old-fashioned concert after tea, with the friends and family, your aunty the nun playing the piano and a lamb roast cooking in the background…

Sam Simmons
The Steve Promise Show

Steven Promise aka Sam Simmons, is a sad and sorry singer-songwriter who works in a bank call centre. He is attempting to get his songs out to the people by putting them on hold and singing in place of playing a recording of Fur Elise. But his creativity is thwarted by his sinister boss (Benjamin McNair), and, ultimately, his own lack of talent, sanity and drive.

John Knowles
Saddle Sore

Sydney comedian and improviser John Knowles grew up as the only nerd-child of a real live cowboy dad – this is his (true) story.

Fiona Harris & Katrina Mathers
Footy Chicks

Aussie Rules is a man’s world. But behind every gritty defender or star full forward there lurks a league of silent champions – “the girlfriends” – the women who seem to only be defined by the success of their boyfriend, or the success of their latest outfit. But like any other women they have dreams of their own, it just so happens that sometimes these dreams involve going to football’s night of nights – the Brownlow. Enter Footy Chicks – Fran Johnston and Jane Frayne. From beanies to lip gloss and back again – this is a story about friendship; soul searching; false fingernails and lots of other footy stuff.

Clare Bartholomew
One Man’s Business

Scott Brennan
Glen Bush Teenage Superstar

The story of a teenage boy with no friends and a fertile imagination trying to get a date for the school social.

Barfoot & Cantone

Craig Barfoot and Phil Cantone. Seemingly from the “boys trapped in men’s bodies” school, the duo combine characters, ludicrous plots and naive logic into a fast-paced show. Sketch comedy with asides aplenty. Expect silliness, high spirits and hijinks.

Kim Hope
Sing Your Arse Off

She’s been Sassy, she’s been Shame, she’s been a little Overexposed and now Kim Hope is about to Sing Your Arse Off! Following the adventure of a lifetime with her sister – attempting to karaoke their way across the USA, Kim returns with an honest and hilarious tale of survival and spontaneity.

Stephen Hall & Michael Ward
I Said I Said

Handpicked by industry guru’s – Stephen Hall and Michael Ward are now playing in their brand new show I Said, I Said. Stephen and Michael bring you Phineas and Crispin Witt – old time Vaudeville’s last survivors in their limp down Memory Lane.

Damian Callinan & Lawrence Mooney
Out & About

Two mates win a competition on a lifestyle program. The prize – if they can live in a house for a year without having any outside contact, they get to keep the house. But aside from their own ability to self-destruct the network will do everything in their power to ensure they don’t win.

Gerard McCulloch
An Englishman, An Irishman……….

Gerard McCulloch has written a whole show dissecting that most traditional of all jokes, where an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman get up to all sorts of punchline-worthy exploits. The show charts the success of the trio (all of whom McCulloch plays), who were brought together thanks to a freak accident involving a fly in the Scotsman’s pint.

Emotional People

If comedy is the new rock and roll then these guys are it. Rockothello – a bloody tragedy.

Tim Harris
The Neville Chamberlain Show

It’s 1949…the war’s over and we won – so let’s be deliriously happy. Once upon a time, a bold, surreal and startlingly innovative programme challenged the complacency of the post-war world…until the broadcast authorities found out about it. It was killed and buried so efficiently that it has remained virtually unknown…until now. The Neville Chamberlain Show feature rare gems from the Golden Age of Radio will be recreated live on stage. Starring – Tim Harris, Linda Haggar, Andrea Powell, Alan Brough and musical director – John Fleming.

Corinne Grant
Waiting For Munro

Doreen Starr is marrying Mike Munro. No, Really. Cliff Richard is her bridesmaid. It’s true. And her family and friends and coming…maybe… Alright, Doreen is a delusional stalker. She has a long history of terrorising Australia’s minor celebrities. The list of those she has alarmed reads like a TV Week Logie lift-out, minus the frocks and Tony Bartuccio dancers.

The 4 Noels
The Magnificent Seventeen

It’s a musical, it’s a physical comedy, it’s heavily character-based, it’s NOT stand up, it’s filmic, it’s high-octane, fast-paced, action-packed theatre. It’s big and bad and full of guns and bad asses and gold chains. It’s got crimes and afros and a preacher man. It’s got a Western type story in there, somewhere – a lonely complex hero, Mexican Banditos, hangings, posses, whores, bar room brawls, horse chases, sheriffs, vendettas, tumbleweeds, beady stares, stubble, cattle rustling, cow pokin’, beans, whisky, grits, and far too much tequila.

The 4 Noels are – Jesse Griffin, James Pratt and John Forman.

Crazy E
The Madness Tour

The Madness Tour is based on the life of 1998 Ian Stephenson a.k.a Crazy E. Between 1993 and 1995, Crazy E had 8 admissions to psychiatric hospitals, five to Larundal, three to Heatherton and a brief one-night stay at Mont Park. Before, during and after his admissions Crazy # worked as a stand up comic….in fact, on one occasion he was released from hospital because he had a gig at the Star and Garter. This show is tell-all about those eight admissions, what was done, said and the results.

Adam Richard

Tragedy. What is it? The surgical horrors that walk around claming to be Danni Minogue? Losing someone you love? That song by the Bee-Gees? Tick all of the above and then tick the box marke Adam Richard.

Meshel Laurie
The Virgin Mary 2

VM II is a sneaky peak into that age old phenomenon, the religious cult – a danger of humanity, or just a really effective means of keeping freaks off the streets? As we career towards the next millennium we find everybody’s looking for answers. VM II will question the answers provided by one particular group. The somewhat humorously titled Magnificant Meat Movement has created a firm foot hold in Rural Queensland with its leader Debra Geleisky’s particular brand of smock wearing, curse-casting, virgin seeing Catholicism. Meshel’s been there and has the footage.

Jim Lawson & Trevor Major
Bega Than Cheeus

Miss Itchy
I Can’t Stop Burrowing

Alan Brough
Generation XXL

Tim Harris
An Illustrated Lecture by Dr Alexander Buchanan

Edinburgh 1886. Doctor Alexander Buchanan stands at the pinnacle of the 19th century science and could fall off any minute.

Denise Scott
Life of the Party

Denise Scott in Life of the Party. She wanted to feel sexy…just once before she died.

Andrew Goodone
He, Comedian

Fred Rowan & Dave O’Neill
And Err…Thanks For Coming To Me 21st

Judith Lucy
No Waiter, I Ordered the Avocado