Moosehead Awards




The Mooseheads are unique in that we aim to fund only independent artists presenting their own new work. Please find the following indicative list of what the Moosehead will provide for recipients in 2019.

  • Payment of Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) registration
  • The services of the Moosehead Producer who will guide you through the process of producing a festival show and provide you with invaluable
  • A Marketing package that we design with you. It would generally include posters, some advertising, social media campaign management, some hand billing, web ads on the MICF website and other focused marketing
  • Professional photography and poster
  • If required, trial shows prior to the festival to assist with the development of your show
  • Up to $2500 in the event that you are unable to meet your Festival Managed Venue *
  • An experienced director will be funded by the Moosehead to work with you on your show

The Mooseheads are run by the Moosehead Committee – we are comedians, producers and friends of Brian McCarthy. We get inundated each year with submissions from around Australia. From these, we can choose anywhere from two, three or even four recipients that will be granted assistance to produce their show each year as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. We have a keen eye and great track record of picking the most interesting shows of the festival.

The Mooseheads are about funding shows and artists that are exciting and different. We want to get behind an idea and love it a bit more because it is mental and overly ambitious. We try to find new playgrounds for working comedians and performers by spotlighting an idea rather than just turning out another show. To put it simply, the Moosehead are a really cool award. And when we say award, it’s more like a grant. Successful applications are called recipients of the grant. We don’t provide cash; rather we provide a comprehensive support package to help get your show up and running.

By providing the Moosehead Award, we want to give you (the artist) the ability to extend your creatively even further and give you more time just to focus on your show. Now in its 33th year, the Moosehead has supported, encouraged and nurtured over sixty acts since 1987, including the likes of Sam Simmons, Judith Lucy, David Quirk, Asher Treleaven and Justin Hamilton as Moosehead alumni.